Avoid stress to maintain a healthy body forever

A few days ago I was suffering from typhoid. It’s was be very depressed for me. many people say that health is expensive. Yes it’s true, i can’t execute usual activities. I just spend time in bed and it’s very adverse. Are there people in this world who never get sick? I have a friend, […]

Some things that make you throw up

Throw up is something makes us uncomfortable, this condition also be an indication that the body is sick. Throw up is discharge of contents stomach up into mouth. The contents of vomit is fluid mingled with food or liquid of gastric. Throw up also a sign of early symptoms of pregnancy, for pregnant women. In […]

Get typhoid symptoms, a bad day for me

Today is 30 days I get symptoms of typhoid. And during one week i have hospital care. According to doctors, Said that “Typhoid often occurs during the rainy season. Salmonella Typhi bacteria, it’s the suspected cause. The bacterium develops by contaminated food.” Early typhus fever symptoms which I feel are abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. […]

This Simple Ways Can Reducing Conflict In The Home

When you have a family, sometimes appears a problem. Is it from a different opinion or financial problems. When the problem was getting flare up, sometimes we also appears emotion. When itsn’t controlled, can raises conflicts that lead to divorce. Yes sometimes regret will appear after it. But before going on regret, how do we […]

Do you know the benefits behind crying ?

When people crying, it sometimes becomes a sign that the person is having a problem. However, when you cry, it had a huge impact on health. Yes, I am here not to discuss why you cry but, what the benefits of crying? Prevented from depression The first benefit: There are several hormones that cause stress […]

Simple things that make your partner more in love

Sometimes we forget the simple things, that in fact it is important to keeping the relationship. Do you know, sweet gesture can make the day your partner, even if it is done in a simple way. Here is a simple thing you can do to improve her love. It does not matter if you are […]